ShareMedia, the alumni association

ShareMedia is the 250 alumni association of the Media & Digital Chaire. Created in 2015, the association has set itself 4 objectives:

  • Animating the community of alumni of the Chaire, by bringing together for meetings all the graduating classes;
  • Weaving a network of media and digital professionals with ESSEC alumni and more;
  • Exchanging ideas on issues in the sector through meetings between professionals;
  • Strengthening solidarity between alumni and creating links between past and present classes, notably through mentoring and coaching activities.

To this end, the association organises events throughout the year, such as themed dinners for professionals in the sector, in-company partner meetings, cocktails & afterworks or film screenings.

Among the professionals we met, we had the pleasure of exchanging with Cécile Frot-Coutaz – CEO of Freemantle, Serge Schick – Strategic Marketing Director of Radio France, Laurent Guimier – Director of franceinfo, Bruno Patino – Editorial Director of Arte, Pascal Breton – Producer & Distributor and Thierry Cammas – CEO of Viacom MTV Networks.

To join us, find us on our Facebook  group or on our Linkedin group.

To contact us, write to us at