The Media & Digital Chaire

Judith Andrès
Judith AndrèsExecutive Director of the Chaire
Maurice Thévenet
Maurice Thévenet Academic Director of the Chaire
Laetitia Rolland
Laetitia RollandChaire Assistant

Why a Chaire for Media & Digital ?

The Media & Digital Chaire was created in 2006, as a result of a partnership between ESSEC and Société Générale. The first year of its creation, Orange joined the project and was shortly after imitated by TF1, which is also a partner since 2012.  As a mainly teaching Chaire, it brings together a group of ESSEC professors and professionals from the sector, who combine their skills to create a real bridge between high-level strategic thinking and the constantly changing world of the content industries.

The Chaire is structured around a teaching program, exchanges and role-playing with professionals and companies of the sector, as well as applied research on the current topics of its partners. With an international outlook, its objectives are as follows:

  • developing the sharpness of analysis and understanding of the sector’s issues through monitoring and observation activities ;
  • developing operational research to analyse the sector’s fundamentals, reflecting on its issues and anticipating its trends ;
  • Contributing to the development of an ecosystem of high-level professionals sharing managerial and societal values, with adjusted strategic and operational capacities.

The Media & Digital Chaire is aimed at ESSEC students wishing to pursue a career in the media and cultural industries and, more broadly, digital companies that have integrated content into their business model.

It intends to maintain a dynamic of sharing visions, knowledge and experiences. It also aims at becoming a laboratory of ideas, adopting a free and prospective reflection on the challenges of a sector at the confluence of the cultural, economic and political worlds.


The media and new media sectors, introduced by the development of digital products and services, are among the most dynamic sectors in an economy where content consumption has never been more important.

The stakes are high on all economic aspects :

  • competition, globalisation, concentration, emergence of new players;
  • technical innovations, emergence of new supports ;
  • service innovations, development of new uses;
  • new economic models, emergence of new monetisation methods.

These expanding sectors are undergoing profound and constant upheavals. They bring together players driven by different cultures: 

  • finance experts to meet ever-increasing financing needs
  • content creators, often the architects of an economy of prototypes
  • States that defend the cultural policies and influence of their countries
  • technical infrastructure operators, whose role continues to be decisive in the mechanics and general balance.

The clash of these different entrepreneurial logics makes a specific reflection on the sector indispensable.

The existence of this Chaire is also part of a demand for increasing professionalisation of a sector that is growing and industrialising.