ESSEC Business School and the Pioneering Spirit

Founded in 1907, the ESSEC Business School is an academic institution of excellence that has, throughout its history, illustrated its pioneering spirit.

ESSEC offers a wide range of initial and in-service training programmes for all those who wish to enjoy an exceptional learning experience, strengthen their talents, express their leadership skills and become top-level managers.

As an institution driven by research and committed to an ambitious policy of alliances with top-ranking institutions, ESSEC is constantly striving to expose its students to cutting-edge knowledge that combines disciplines, and to enable them to benefit from the latest technologies.

Marked by a deep humanist tradition, ESSEC has made the link between economic life and society a major subject of research, but also a fundamental issue in the training of responsible managers. In this perspective, ESSEC affirms the need to place innovation, knowledge and value creation at the service of the general interest.

With students from 96 countries, a largely international faculty and a presence in Asia-Pacific since 2005, ESSEC is an international and multicultural institution. This internationalisation is being reinforced with the new campuses in Singapore and Rabat, Morocco.

The pedagogical philosophy common to all the programmes is to accompany each student throughout a training programme, oriented towards the conquest of freedom. Studying at ESSEC means charting your own path to the future and joining a community of 55,000 graduates around the world!

Welcome to ESSEC!