Presentation of Orange’s Content Department

Orange’s Content Department is an entity dedicated to the acquisition and aggregation of content. It feeds the Orange Group’s offers worldwide and to deploys contents on all connected screens. Today, Orange is developing a strategy aimed at forging strategic partnerships with the best content publishers in the fields of television, cinema, series, music, video games and infotainment.

Therefore, the Content Department is setting up and developing the television of tomorrow in order to offer an ever more enriching and innovative customer experience. By developing its own platforms and enhancing its TV offers with content from partnerships with the main players, Orange, the telecoms operator, is also positioning itself as a major player in the world of content in France and Europe.

Testimony of Serge Laroye, Director of Content at Orange

« Convergence in Europe, combined with the arrival of new global ecosystems, places content at the heart of operators’ activities. For its part, Orange aims at selecting the strongest brands and the most attractive services for distribution and at backing them up with its access offers. It is by making a difference in the quality of our customers’ experience that they will not go to another operator but will come or stay with Orange, and will want to discover new services.»

Orange, historical partner of the Chaire

As a partner of the Media & Digital Chaire since 2008, Orange has been supporting the Chaire’s transformation towards training development to meet the new challenges and digital issues of the content ecosystem as closely as possible. Orange is the leading employer of the Chaire’s graduates with around 15 new hires, and has also welcomed more than 20 interns and apprentices. Each year, Orange is fully committed to the Chaire’s training with speakers at the various seminars (S. Laroye, C. Bombrun, L. Maillot, G. Lacroix, J.F. Rodriguez, J. Dumond…) and in the supervision of various dissertation topics on the major transformations in the sector and the positioning of players.


Since November 2005, the Media & Digital Chaire has been working closely with experts from Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking. The bank has a team of specialists in structured finance who are involved in all stages of the implementation of Media & Digital projects. Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking actively supports the development of specific skills and contributes to training tomorrow’s executives.

Presentation of the Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking Media Department

Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking (SG CIB) is one of Société Générale Group’s three main business lines, along with Retail & Financial Services Networks and Asset Management & Investor Services. The third largest corporate and investment bank in the euro zone by revenue size, SG CIB is present in nearly 45 countries, employs 10,000 staff and is one of the most profitable banks in its segment, achieving one of the best combinations of growth and profitability.   The bank is a benchmark in its three core businesses: euro capital markets, derivatives and structured finance.

The Media and Telecoms sector is one of the 4 major sectors chosen by Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking to better support its major clients.  Thanks to a multi-product organisation and in-depth sector knowledge, SG CIB adapts to its clients’ needs while developing an innovative approach. Société Générale’s Media and Telecoms specialists are familiar with the key growth drivers in the sector, enabling them to offer best practices and accelerate the development of their clients through a comprehensive range of financial products and advice.  Bond issues/high-yield, equity market transactions, interest rate/exchange hedging, structured finance, syndication and M&A advisory services are just some of the services that the corporate and investment bank offers each year to its Media & Digital clients (TV channels, press, advertising agencies, film producers/distributors, etc.).

Why does Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking support the Chaire?

Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking has chosen to join forces with ESSEC, a leading business school renowned for the quality of its teaching and research, by creating a Media & Digital Chaire. The aim of this partnership is to train high-potential professionals capable of understanding the complexity of a fast-changing sector.  Developing research, reflecting on the sector’s issues and anticipating trends in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow are all areas that SG CIB wishes to share with ESSEC.   As one of France’s leading recruiters with a wide range of business lines, Société Générale is also positioning itself through this partnership as a recruiter of future talent.

Testimony of Patrick Ménard, Société Générale’s founding partner

“Our active participation is proof of Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking’s investment in this rapidly evolving sector. We are pleased to participate in this training of excellence, to which we bring our media expertise. This is a mark of our commitment to quality of service, research and training.”
Patrick Ménard,
Media Telecom Director
Corporate Banking and
 Investment of Société Générale


Presentation of TF1 Group

On 16 April 1987, TF1 was privatised and Bouygues became the first private operator of a general-interest channel in France. TF1 was then a simple broadcaster establishing a unilateral top-down relationship with its viewers.

25 years later, TF1 has become the leading French media group, with 4 free-to-air channels, 12 pay-TV channels and 25 subsidiaries, and now maintains a permanent dialogue with its audiences.

The new relationships offered on digital technology allow the collective television experience to be extended into a personal experience, and to exchange remotely with its community on the channel’s programmes, whatever the screen, from the living room to the computer, from the tablet to the smartphone. From now on, TV programmes are shared through MYTF1, social networks, and no longer just around the family TV set.

TF1 addresses the individual, in turn viewer, Internet user and consumer, by offering them generalist content with its free-to-air channels, or affinity with its theme channels available on the boxes, by offering them an enhanced web offering and by providing them with paid VOD or e-commerce services.

Finally, the TF1 group, aware of its social and environmental responsibility, has been heavily involved in promoting diversity, both on its channels and internally. The Group was the first media group to obtain the AFNOR diversity label, and in 2012, through its foundation, it recruited its fifth class of young people from the neighbourhoods.

Why is TF1 supporting the Chaire ?

The TF1 Group has chosen to join forces with ESSEC to participate in the development of the “Media & Digital” Chaire and thus get closer to the student and academic world.

This partnership will enable students to gain a better understanding of the changes and richness of the media sector; it is also an opportunity to bring its media group expertise to the Chaire’s historical partners.

Testimony of Philippe Denery, Deputy Chief Financial Officer of the TF1 Group

« The partnership signed with the ESSEC group is a real opportunity for the TF1 group, which aims to make students more familiar with its economic environment and the major business transformations that are on the horizon. It will also be an opportunity to forge special relationships with ESSEC’s faculty, to participate in certain research programmes and to contribute to student training, thus highlighting our commitment to society.

We are very pleased with this global partnership; I am convinced that it will be rich and constructive for all of us.»