Take 1 class in each of the following 3 blocks
Economie des médias (COMD31440)
Protection juridique des droits de propriété intellectuelle (DEVD31228)
or Propriété intellectuelle (DEVD31229)
or Droit des médias et des technologies de l’information (DEVD31246)
or Management culturel (MGTM31234)
Finance d’entreprise (FINE31126)
or Corporate Financial Management (FINE31128)
or Entreprise de valorisation et création de valeur (FINE31417)
or Entreprise de valorisation et création de valeur (FINE32217)
or Évaluation stratégique et financière des entreprises (FINE31254)
or Pilotage de projets digitaux (IDSI31208)
or Digital Project Management (IDSI31209)
or Foundations of Data Analysis (IDSS31265)
or Big Data Analytics (IDSS31165)
or Strategic Marketing Analytics (MKGC31131)
or Approche consommateur & Data Analytics (MKGC31430)
or Digital Marketing Strategy (on Cergy or Singapore Campus) (MKGS31203)
or Strategie de marketing digital (MKGS31204)

All mandatory courses proposed above can also be validated as elective courses.

Take 2 elective courses from the following list
Création des sites web (IDSI31338) or Website Creation (IDSI31339)
Entrepreneuriat (MGTE31360) or Entrepreneurship (MGTE31361)
Stratégies Marketing Business to Business (MKGS31124)  or Business to Business Marketing Strategies (MKGS31125)
Etudes en marketing (MKGC3112) or Marketing Research (MKGC3113)
Comportement du consommateur (MKGC31125) or Consumer Behavior (MKGC31126)
Droit de la concurrence (DEVD31216) Droit et entrepreneuriat (DEVE31200)
e-Business Entrepreneurship (IDSE31301 / 302) e-Business Strategy & Operations (IDSI31341)
Digital Transformation (IDSI31343) Business Intelligence (IDSI31377)
Managing Through Social Relations and Network (MGTM31241) Innovation Management (MGTM31357)
Transhumanisme: enjeux économiques, sociaux et philosophiques (MGTP31324) Social Media Marketing (MKGF31239)
Ethique et décision (MGTP31204/205) Eloquence et rhétorique, savoir faire un bon discours (DEVD31300/301)
Digital Marketing Strategy (MKGS31203/204) B2B Digital Marketing Management (MKGS31223)
Case Studies in Business Analytics (MKGS31491) Creative Industry Management (MGTM31235)
Research Paper
Research Paper
Choice of a subject proposed by our partners
Work in groups of 2 or 3 students, supported by professionals of the sector
Final presentation in June
Chaire Seminar
Management of media Seminar (COMD31438): on Wednesdays of T2 & T3 at 6:30pm (Campus ESSEC CNIT or at compagnies’ workplaces )
Chaire Trip
Three trips along the year with professional meetings to festivals and events covering the cultural industries sectors, paid for by the Chaire and including the entire promotion (Angoulême Festival, Series Mania and the International Animation Film Market) .
Possibility of accreditations by the Chaire for complementary festivals, especially the Cannes Festival.


1 or 2 internships minimum in a firm of the media secteur, during at least 6 months